Where Would We Be Without Blood Donors?

Nona Dottery, the wife of an Indiana Blood Center recipient, shares her story:

I am sure all of us can remember the ice storm a few months back when the city was paralyzed, most schools and offices were closed, and activities were cancelled.

I remember a blood center representative being interviewed on television who said that blood drives had been cancelled because of the weather and that even though the hospital emergencies were down because of fewer patients, there was still a high demand for blood and especially type O negative. Although I know the value of Indiana Blood Center‘s blood donor program to our community, I thought it was just another pitch for volunteers.

That very night, my husband developed a GI bleed and by morning, it had worsened. His gastroenterologist advised him to go to the emergency room because their offices were closed. The bleeding worsened and he was admitted to the hospital and later moved to the intensive care unit.

Twice he passed out and once we thought we had lost him. Since he is a heart patient and on blood thinners, the blood flow intensified. He spent seven days in the ICU while the doctors tried to determine the cause of his bleeding. Four colonoscopies were performed before they found the very small torn blood vessel and were able to stop it.

“During that time, he was given six units of blood, type O negative, and suddenly the need for blood became personal.”

I remembered the blood donor drive interview and the need for type O being described as the greatest. The hospital blood bank was just outside the ICU and I passed it many times. Each time I remembered the St. Monica and other blood drives and just how important they are in making a difference in a life. I vowed in some way to get involved in the blood donor program.

My husband was discharged home after nine days, on a walker and with home health care and he is recovering well with the help of nurses and physical and occupational therapists.

“As I watch his progress each day, I ask the question: where would he be without blood donors.”

My health and age do not allow me to be a donor, but I am encouraging our children, other family members and friends to become donors because the life you save might be your own or that of one of your loved ones.

Indiana Blood Center thanks Nona for sharing her story. And we would now like to ask each of you, Where would you be without blood?

Go to DonorPoint.org to make an appointment to donate blood today. Tomorrow… you’ll have someone’s undying gratitude.

One thought on “Where Would We Be Without Blood Donors?

  1. charlene c. duline says:

    What a touching story. It makes the blood drive very real when the need for blood hits home! I’m sure Nona’s story will make many pull up their sleeves the next time they see a blood drive mobile or even sooner. Thank you for sharing this intimate look at how precious blood is, as well as how great the need for blood is. God bless.

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