It Was the Platelets That Saved His Life

Sarah Darling, wife of Chad, an Indiana Blood Center recipient, shares her story:

Chad was just a healthy, active 29-year-old until February 2, 2010. He had a common cold virus that broke down his immune system, but then unbeknownst to doctors, the virus began attacking his platelets causing ITP (idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura).

The doctors gave him little chance of survival while his family and closest friends all waited as he continued to get countless platelet transfusions; waiting for him to start making platelets on his own. 

None of us knew how important platelets were, or even what they were, until we saw Chad dying from internal bleeding and then blood pooling under his brain and not being able to have surgery because with the lack of platelets, he would have bleed to death.

“The ICU nurses and doctors were able to treat him, but it was the platelets that saved his life.” 

After 5 1/2 weeks in hospitals, many months of outpatient therapies and numerous complications from kidney stones, clots in his lung and ultimately the removal of a mass from his lung, he continues to prove them wrong. After six months, he was able to return to his life and job, but still continues to accept his new reality of learning to walk without the full control of his right foot.

But there is no denying that Chad would not be here today without Indiana Blood Center and all their platelet donors.

Indiana Blood Center thanks Sarah for sharing her story. We are glad to hear Chad is doing well today.

If you are to take one thing from this story, please let it be this, donating blood saves lives. Go to and make an appointment to donate blood today and tomorrow… You’ll have someone’s undying gratitude.

One thought on “It Was the Platelets That Saved His Life

  1. Patty Judson says:

    I am Chad’s mother. I thank God for putting the special doctors in Chad’s care that brought him back to us. Those doctors had the knowledge to do what needed to be done. They gave him countless units of platlets until Chad started making them on his own. Thank you for donating and continue if you can. You will save some one’s life.

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