Donate 4 Logan

Shannon Durham is an Indiana Blood Center blood drive coordinator at her church, Gateway Crossing Church. Shannon has an inspiring reason to donate blood that she hopes encourages others to Raise Their Sleeves.
I’m the mother of a leukemia (ALL) patient. My son Logan was diagnosed in 1999 at the age of 3 with leukemia and during his 3 year battle Logan received many units of blood.
These blood transfusions allowed him to maintain somewhat of a normal life by helping him keep his energy level and immune system up.
“Without these blood transfusions I could have lost my son sooner than I did.”
My story unfortunately doesn’t have a happy ending, Logan passed away in 2002 at the age of 6.
I continue to donate blood and am hosting a blood drive in memory of my son, “Donate 4 Logan,” which started on April 30th. We’re getting all of our donors to commit to a total of 4 donations in memory of Logan. We’ve already set dates for the remaining 3 drives that will be held at Gateway Crossing Church of the Nazarene, July 3rd, October 16th, and January 22nd (2012).
I continue to donate and recruit donors in memory of my son, many people every day need blood to save their lives. I strongly encourage people to donate, you just never know what life saving transfusion will be for one of your loved ones. 
Shannon, thank you for sharing your story about your son, Logan. Your continuous efforts and dedication to hosting blood drives and encouraging others to participate are appreciated by many.
Let’s all Raise our Sleeves for Logan. Go to and make an appointment to donate blood.