Never Too Old to Donate

Some of you may know, others may wonder, and I am here to confirm that in order to donate blood you must be 17 years of age or 16 with a parental consent form.

Often times when donors hear there is a minimum age requirement for donating blood, they proceed to ask what the maximum age requirement is.

It seems typical for older healthy people to stop donating blood for a variety of reasons, either because they think they are too old or fear health problems will impede. However, one is never too old to donate blood, there is no maximum age cap.

Louis Kerker of Bakersfield, California is living proof that age should not stop you from donating blood. Kerker celebrated his 100th birthday on February 12th and donated blood two days later. This was just another day for Kerker. He became a regular blood donor after the attacks of September 11th.   

The large number of baby boomers are beginning to reach the “traditional” retirement age of 65. Baby boomers are expected to live longer lives and require more public and health services. With this being said, many of these baby boomers will become blood recipients. Therefore, if eligible, baby boomers should not shy away from donating because they have reached a certain age.

If 100-year-old Louis Kerker donates blood, why can’t you?

Make an appointment to donate blood today at and tomorrow… You’ll have someone’s undying gratitude.

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