Practice What You Preach

Working at a Blood Center, you are guaranteed to hear numerous donor and recipient stories. What people often forget is that Blood Center staff typically makes up a committed donor base.

In order to support and encourage staff, Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center has an internal committee that plans quarterly employee blood drives.

If Blood Center staff members are going to continuously recruit people to donate blood, shouldn’t they donate as well?

“We hear so many amazing stories that we have to become a bit desensitized. If not, we would be in tears almost every day,” said Amy Jerina, Training and Quality Supervisor for The Blood Center’s Donor Recruitment department. “When the employee blood drive comes around, it is a reminder to me to do exactly what I have told others to do: take an hour out of your day once a quarter to help save up to three lives.”

Jerina was one of 43 employees recognized for donating at all four employee blood drives in 2010.

These employee blood drives are a great way for Blood Center employees to show they are completely committed to saving lives.

Indiana Blood Center recognizes that our 400 plus staff members provide a great donor base. In order to encourage our staff members to donate, we offer two hours of paid time off for every donation an employee makes.

Indiana Blood Center also encourages its staff members to encourage family and friends to donate blood. Two hours of paid time off is given to any referral of a first time donor.

Whether you are a Blood Center employee or not, go to and make an appointment to donate blood today. Tomorrow… You’ll have someone’s undying gratitude.

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