An Urgent Need



Empty Chairs = Empty Shelves

Have you ever heard that Indiana Blood Center has an urgent need for blood? If so, you may have wondered, what does urgent mean? Is the blood center going to close down if I do not donate today?

I would like to take the time to explain what it means when Indiana Blood Center has an urgent need for blood.  

Several times throughout the course of the year, Indiana Blood Center has an urgent need for blood. Having an urgent need means that we cannot meet the demands of the hospitals we supply. Urgent indicates that there is a shortage of at least one, if not all blood types.

When blood centers are in an urgent need they typically recruit donors within a 24-36 hour time frame from when they have become urgent. A quick turn around is a must in order to get ourselves out of the whole.

Our entire organization is run around blood, therefore, having any sort of need for blood is never a good thing. However, it is important to note that an urgent need is not a critical need. Blood centers do all they can to stay away from the big “C” word (critical).

A critical need requires Indiana Blood Center to report this shortage to the Indiana State Department of Health. When we are in critical need, you may hear about it on local TV and radio stations. The media typically jumps in to help promote any critical shortage.   

Please do your part and help us fill our chairs. Filled chairs = Filled Shelves. Filled Shelves = Hospital Supplied. Hospitals Supplied = Available Blood. Available Blood = Lives Saved.

Make an appointment to save a life today and tomorrow… you’ll have someone’s undying gratitude.

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