Raise Your Sleeve

Believe it or not, Indiana Blood Center has entered the world of blogging. Welcome to Raise Your Sleeve.

While developing Raise Your Sleeve, our intention was and remains to be, providing all readers with a wealth of information regarding Indiana Blood Center, donors and recipients, topical news or articles regarding blood (and some not), and any other information we find worth sharing.

Lots of things go on behind our walls that we wish to share, but more importantly, we would love to hear from you all. After each blog post there is a space where anyone can provide a comment and we strongly encourage you all take advantage of that blank box. Your comments, concerns, and conversations will allow us to improve in any way possible.

Along with the launch of our blog, you can expect to hear from us in more ways than one, including our radio spot that went live today. Changes are coming soon to a blood drive near you!

If you have not already, be sure to like us on facebook and follow us on twitter. But if you can remember one thing, let it be this, Raise Your Sleeve.

2 thoughts on “Raise Your Sleeve

  1. Willemijn says:

    What a great initiative this blog, it’s very informative and I certainly hope it will be widely read!
    Alle the best, Willemijn – European Blood Alliance

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