Please Take the Time and Give Blood

Larry Hammond, an active volunteer in his community, shares with you the reason he now takes time to give blood.

No one in my family needed blood in 50 years, until 1 night when I heard someone say we need 4 units of O positive. During a heart cauterization, a surgeon had just torn a hole in one of my arteries and I was bleeding on my interior. I received the 4 units and the bleeding was stopped.

After a few days I went home. About a week later, because of a reaction to my medicine I was bleeding again from a small previously unknown ulcer. I was taken back to the hospital and before the bleeding was controlled I received 8 more units of blood.

One day my nurse said, “The blood bank knows your name”. This is probably not the place you want to know your name, especially as a receiver.

So all together thanks to the good people of Indiana and the effects of the Indiana Blood Center I received 12 units of blood. I have since recovered completely, back to a normal, and on my own blood.

The sad thing about my story is that I am the person who was always too busy to give blood. When I was asked to give blood, I just did not have time or because a very busy schedule. I would say I felt like I do not have any extra blood to give.

Fortunately many other people did take time to give blood or I probably would not be here. Please take time and give blood.

Larry, thank you for sharing your story. We appreciate you taking time out of your day to give blood. You never know when you will be the one in need.

Let’s all raise our sleeve in honor of Larry. Go to and make an appointment to give blood today. Tomorrow… You’ll have someone’s undying gratitude.

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