What Can I Do?

The Japanese Times recently featured an article entitled, “Blood donations up nationwide,” where they stated,

In Tokyo, 2,284 people showed up at Japanese Red Cross Society blood donation centers Sunday, up from 1,944 a week before,” said spokesman Koji Tsuchida, who noted blood donations are up nationwide.”

It is hard to believe the turmoil and horrific events that have occurred in Japan. When such a tragedy occurs, people feel helpless and begin asking and wondering, What can I do?

Pray. Prayer becomes a small universal gesture, but some feel they can do more and often times they hope to be able to do something hands on.

Give blood. For all those eligible, giving blood is a task of giving. Most people who donate blood do so with a selfless intention, in fact, most people have a reason for giving.

Whether you live in Japan or anywhere else in the world, people are coming together to support all of those affected by Japan’s tragedy. 

Even far from the quake-hit Tohoku and Kanto regions, donors are showing up in double the usual numbers, said Fukuoka branch spokesman Koichi Sato. He added many dropped by donation centers in the city’s shopping districts last weekend. ‘People seem to feel the need to do something to help quake victims,’ Sato said.”

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