Pacers Blood Drive to the Hoop

Indiana Blood Center sees fewer donors each spring when Indiana schools are on Spring Break. Between those vacationing out of town, class not in session and many parents not at work, blood donations historically plummet.

As of this morning, we have been unable to fill requests for serveral  units of O negative blood. Donations are needed to build inventory of all types and meet the needs of patients at Indiana hospitals.

If you are eligible to donate please keep this in mind:

About 1 in 7 people entering a hospital need blood. The need for blood is always there.

The Indiana Pacers have partnered with us for a first-ever weeklong promotion, “Blood Drive to the Hoop,” to help increase donations. The Pacers Promotion started at Conseco Field House on Friday March 25th and continues at specific mobile drives and donor centers* through Thursday, April 7th.

The Pacers Promotion includes a free ticket to the April 8th Pacers vs. Hawks game, a Pacers T-Shirt and a meal at the game.

*Not all mobile drives and blood centers are participating so please visit our Promotions page on our website for more details on times and locations.

To guarantee your Pacers package please make an appointment online at or by calling 800-632-4722.

We would like to extend a large thanks to the Indiana Pacers for partnering with us in order to help us increase donations. Thanks also to all of you who have donated… You’ll have someone’s undying gratitude.

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