Where Does Your Blood Go?

Do you ever wonder what happens to your blood after you donate? Where will your blood be used? Will it go to a local hospital or be shipped somewhere far away? What patient will receive my blood?

Does it matter to you if your blood is shipped to certain hospital? Does it matter who receives your blood? Some people may care, but it is safe to say most donors just care that their blood is used by someone in need, regardless of where that patient may be.

In a recent article in the South Bend TribuneLocal blood centers manage the market,” Kay Clark-Cox, manager of blood donor recruitment at the South Bend Medical Foundation says,

“What we like the public to understand is that of the blood that is collected by us in these three counties, probably 93 percent stays in these counties to save lives here because we are the primary supplier.”

Where to give blood is not a determining factor for most donors.

Indiana Blood Center‘s own, Wendy Mehringer said, “Donors are just doing the right thing. The act of donating blood is about making blood available … not making a purchasing decision.”

Indiana Blood Center asks you to do the right thing and GIVE BLOOD. Go to DonorPoint.org and make an appointment to donate blood today. Tomorrow… You’ll have someone’s undying gratitude.

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