Dr. Dan Waxman: Indiana Blood Center Exec & ABC President

Dr. Dan Waxman

The leadership at Indiana Blood Center plays an important role on the national stage.

Indiana Blood Center‘s Executive Vice President and Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Dan Waxman, also serves as the President of America’s Blood Centers (ABC).

Indiana Blood Center is honored and privileged to have Dr. Waxman on their staff, given his clinical knowledge and prestigious resume.

Dr. Waxman also holds the position of Clinical Professor of Pathology at Indiana University Medical Center.

Dr. Waxman received his bachelor’s degree at the University of Michigan, followed by his medical degree from the University of Kansas.

After completing a Pathology Residency and a Fellowship in Transfusion Medicine, Dr. Waxman held positions at the Community Blood Center of Greater Kansas City, BloodCare in Dallas and was the Chief Executive Officer of the Southeastern Michigan Blood Services Region of the American Red Cross in Detroit.

Dr. Waxman is directly responsible for all clinical aspects of Indiana Blood Center, including our donor/patient services, transplant compatibility lab, immunohematology lab and determination of medical suitability for community blood donors.

We are proud to call Dr. Waxman one of our own!

2 thoughts on “Dr. Dan Waxman: Indiana Blood Center Exec & ABC President

  1. Dr. Dan A. Waxman says:

    Thank you Mr. Beam for those kind words. I love coming to work each and every day and appreciate your support of the community blood program.

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