New Lease on Life

Lori Anderson from Knightstown, Indiana has donated blood more than 25 times. She donates every time her work hosts a mobile blood drive. Blood saved her grandson’s life and because of it she is a consistent Indiana Blood Center donor. Below Lori shares her inspiring story.

Why do you donate?

My very first Grandchild was born weighing in at 1 lb. 13 oz. He dropped down to 1 lb. 9 oz. He had to have three blood transfusions for his survival.

He is now 13 years old and doing Great. How ironic is it that his name is Chance?

While he was in NICU I saw a lot of premature babies that need our help. Let alone the rest of the world.

“This opened my eyes as to why it is so important to take a little time and give someone a new lease on life.”

Now I coordinate the drives for my factory and I love every minute of it!

What is unique about your story?

Survival at it’s best!

Thank you Lori for sharing your story and for taking time out of your busy life to raise your sleeve.

Now it’s time for you to raise your sleeve for someone near and dear to your heart. Go to and make an appoint to donate blood today. Tomorrow… You’ll have someone’s undying gratitude.

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