Boiler Up Roll ‘Em Up

Gina Kornafel, an Indiana Blood Center Field Represtentative, speaks out about Purdue University‘s successful blood drives:

Making the time to donate blood has been important to me as long as I can remember. I don’t have any personal recipient stories motivating me to donate.

“I do so because I always feel warm-hearted and proud after donating knowing that something I can do so easily can make such a difference to a patient in need and to the loved ones of that person.”

As a Field Representative for Indiana Blood Center, I am also proud of the sponsors who partner with the blood center in supporting our area hospitals by hosting blood drives and of the dedicated blood donors in our community.

Blood drives are essential to IBC, and on Purdue University’s campus, the student volunteers from Alpha Phi Omega have done an especially amazing job at keeping the Indiana Blood Center Bloodmobiles busy with donors. “Boiler Up Roll ‘Em Up” blood drives are large blood drives on Purdue’s campus, which are sponsored by various student groups every 56 days.

Alpha Phi Omega members have used both organization and humor for success, signing up donors in advance, rallying participation and dancing around campus in a giant blood drop costume! Thankfully lots of laughs have resulted in lots of donations!

For more information about donating at these fun, life-saving events, please visit and search under zip code 47906. If you would like information about volunteering at a “Boiler Up Roll ‘Em Up” blood drive or other blood drives on campus, contact

A special thanks to Gina for sharing her success story with us! “Boiler Up Roll ‘Em Up”

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