Thank You For Everything You Do

Carie (Michele's inspiration), her husband Andy, my husband John and Michele

Michele Hopwood from Beech Grove, Indiana is a regular blood donor at Indiana Blood Center. She donates at work every time Eli Lily hosts a mobile blood drive. Michele’s life has been directly affected by blood and therefore she is a strong advocate for donating blood. Michele shares with us her reason for donating.

Why do you donate?

My daughter Carie was diagnosed with Biphentypic Leukemia in June of 2005 receiving a transplant in October of 2005. 

“I figured if my daughter could experience everything she did and all the blood and platelets she had received, then I can take time to donate blood as often as I can to help out other patients.” 

Thank you for everything you do!

What is unique about your story?

Nothing. I am your average person in that I am caring and watching patients go through terrible dreadful diseases makes me want to be a better person in helping others.

Thank you Michele for sharing such an inspirational story. We are glad to hear that Carie is alive and well!  

Blood saves lives and so should you. Raise your sleeve for Carie and make an appointment to donate blood today at Tomorrow… You’ll have someone’s undying gratitude.

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